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Fees for Services & Insurance Information

Drake Counseling Services works with most private insurance providers and prepaid plans to cover the cost of treatment. For all your questions on insurance and costs, please call us at the closest office of interest at the numbers given below.


Fargo: 701-293-5429

Grand Forks: 701-757-3200

Detroit Lakes: 218-847-1329


If you don't have a private insurance or prepaid plan, we will work with you on an affordable payment plan. We also work with some employee assistance programs.

We have 23 years of experience in providing drug and alcohol counseling with four facilities in North Dakota and Minnesota.

Purposeful Chemical Dependency Treatment


on our trusted counseling experience.

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218-847-1329 | Detroit Lakes

701-293-5429 | Fargo

701-757-3200 | Grand Forks