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History of Drake Counseling Services

Established in 1992, Drake and Burau Counseling Services, Inc. began serving the Fargo community with two licensed addiction counselors and a consulting psychiatrist. Offering adults and their families services including intensive outpatient treatment and relapse prevention for their substance use disorders, Drake and Burau recognized the community need for treatment services that catered to chemically dependent adolescents and their families.


By 1995, additional licensed addiction counselors and consulting psychiatrists specializing in adolescent care were appointed. Adolescent treatment programming commenced and supplemented the growing need for programs to aide adolescents and their families with their substance abuse and chemical dependency.


Drake and Burau knew the importance of providing an entire family with healing and subsequently added licensed professional clinical counselors in 1996 to practice therapeutic rehabilitation to manage clinically significant disorders other than chemical dependency or substance abuse.


In 2001, Drake and Burau Counseling Services, Inc. renamed to Drake Counseling Services, Inc. and introduced North Dakota state sanctioned DUI seminars. Drake’s reputable counseling services expanded to Grand Forks, North Dakota in early 2002 and began providing chemical dependency recovery support, as well as other therapeutic treatment services. From 2002 to 2005, Drake’s Fargo office established Partial Hospitalization Services to both adults and adolescents while the Grand Forks office initiated PHP services for adults only.


Drake Counseling Services, Inc. further expanded their reputable practices from two offices in North Dakota. By reaching out into the heart of Lakes Country, Drake accommodated the rising need for chemical dependency treatment options in rural Minnesota.


Beginning with adult programming opening in 2007 and the residential house launching in 2008, both located in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota, Drake Counseling Services, Inc. offers intensive outpatient services and relapse prevention programs to adults. Until its closure in September 2016, Drake Counseling Services, Inc. maintained State of Minnesota licensure to provide adolescents the gift of residential inpatient treatment services.


Since 1992, Drake Counseling Services, Inc. has been faithful to the prevention, treatment, and continuing after care of all persons and their families that suffer from mental health and substance abuse disorders. With continued devotion and commitment to the therapeutic healing of the communities around them, Drake’s mission continues to serve individuals and their families offering hope and healing.


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