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Drake Counseling Services, Inc. offers Rule 25 and CUA/Rule 31 assessments in which an individual can gain insight to any problematic substance use. Our staff are trained and licensed to provide a comprehensive substance use assessments and recommendations.


PRIME for Life Drug & Alcohol Education (DUI/DWI) Seminars

Drake Counseling Services, Inc. utilizes the nationally accredited PRIME for Life drug and alcohol (DUI) education seminar program. In the evidence based 8 or 16 hour state sanctioned course, prevention and intervention tools are used to increase participant knowledge regarding decreasing their high risk behavior and attitudes towards drugs and alcohol.  


Please call us with any questions you have about our services. If you want to refer someone, email us your contact information and we will get back to you.


You can find information about our group programs and individual services that we offer from any of our 3 locations. Please contact the nearest office for more information on the programs we offer.


All programs and services are offered with strict confidentiality.

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